“The universe is an elaborate web of conducting threads, a harmony of form and color in which everything moves according to only one law - life. No one is a part from anyone. No one fights for himself. All is all and one. Anguish and pain, pleasure and death are nothing but a process in order to exist.”
— Frida Kahlo, reflection on Moses

My program are specifically designed for those who feel fatigued, weak or stressed out from the daily grind. Allow me to guide you  from an intense dynamic flow  to a gentle rejuvenation. I am dedicated to seeing each student grow in a healthy environment. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasonal practitioner let me help you access your full potential to optimal health.
Putting into practice the ancient yoga idea that a healthy spine promotes well-being,  Yoga will noticeably improve your posture, making you look and feel more confident. 
My mission is for adults of all levels and children to embark on a spiritual journey of optimal health!
Join me on a fantastic journey, as I look forward to sharing this exciting experience with you!


Enhance your practice and transform your physical, mental and emotional well-being with private yoga. Practice on your own schedule in your home or in one of my dedicated studios with individual attention from a renowned instructor.


Alignment focused, moderately paced Vinyasa based classes that build flexibility, strength, and concentration. By setting your body and mind with energy and clarity, these class are a perfect way to start  and ease into your day.  Suitable for beginners and all levels welcome.


I strives to provide complete care for all students. Contact me for all that I have to offer.