I have been practicing yoga under Ingrid’s guidance for year and a half. The benefits of her training have been countless. I have achieved a deeper awareness of my physical and emotional balance as well as great stamina.  Before embarking in this journey, I used to receive weekly Chiropractic treatments for neck, upper back and shoulder pain but noticed that the relief was only temporary.   Since I have been practicing yoga the visits to the Chiropractic have ceased as I feel yoga is helping me in the natural healing and alignment of my body. I feel I have found a discipline and a great teacher that will help and guide me to reach the next level in my fitness goal. Thank you Ingrid for being a great teacher and a constant inspiration!
Victor Astacio - 


As an adolescent I had bad posture in which my back was hunched over from years of sitting in front of the computer. I started visiting a local Chiropractor but it did not help much, then my family doctor recommended me to try yoga.  After a few weeks I could see my body transforming, becoming stronger and more flexible. Before long I would notice my posture was correcting itself and I was no longer hunching over but instead I was standing up straight. Currently I have been working with Ingrid for a year and a half and I have never felt better about myself and the way my body looks.   She can work with you individually and help with any problems you might have. There are also group lessons which are always enjoyable and just as effective. Ingrid is a dedicated trainer that will help you to reach your fitness goals. She motivates and inspires you and moreover she is always pleasant to work with. Thank you Ingrid!
Christopher - H.S. Senior -


I was a student of Yoga for three years before meeting Ingrid. After taking her classes for close to two years, I decided to deepen my practice and take her RYT Yoga teacher training. It was definitely a wise decision. I learned many thing I never knew about Yoga, all while learning things about myself. I am a better person because of Yoga and am now certified to pass that knowledge to others. It was never my goal to teach classes, I only wanted to get a better understanding of Yoga. However, having the opportunity to teach has made me a even better student than I could imagine. I have ways been drawn to Ingrid's style of teaching, she is a caring person and has always been a practitioner of yoga because it is her calling rather than it just being a job. Ingrid's class will be structured toward each individual who takes it. She will find your strengths and use them to overcome any weaknesses. As a regular of her private classes I would recommend any level of Yogi to attend her RYT training. 
Philip Garza - 


Working with Kamala Ingrid has been a life changing experience. When I started working with her I was struggling with depression. Aside from giving me a better understanding of yoga and the benefits of each asana, Kamala Ingrid provided me with tools that have forever changed my life and how I approach everything I do. She has opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities that are waiting for me and how much my thoughts and vibrational levels play a part in my life. Because of her, I am no longer afraid to accept myself and I can look myself in the eyes in the mirror. I'm still on a journey of enlightenment and self, but I owe my progress all to her!
Alicia Husband - 


I began my Yoga practice with Kamala Ingrid about 4 years ago. When I came to her, I suffered from severe back pains due to my scoliosis and with her practice, yoga has changed my life in many ways. it has helped me to release tension physically in many areas of the body as well as learn to self adjust. Spiritually I realized a lot about self love, that you must love yourself if you expect others to love you. Often we place many physical and mental demands on our bodies and beat ourselves up over small things. Yoga made me realize that the only life I have control over is mine. That I should be kind to myself and love myself unconditionally in order to love others deeply.
Yesenia Barreto - 

#heatladies so excited that we can all share the experience together, with Kamala Ingrid, you are the best!
Faith Haslem -